I grew up on the North End of Bridgeport Connecticut. I was the middle child of 3, with

two hard working and loving parents in James and Lois Hall, my older sister LaRhonda and my

younger brother Michael. I was a quiet, and shy kid who kept to himself unless I was around

family or close friends. So outside of the home I only had a small group of people that I

normally hung out with.


My love for music came from my father. He had a gospel group called the Stars of

Harmony. As a kid in the late 70’s early 80’s, I can remember going to practice with him and

listening to them harmonize. The music blaring through the practice venue as they fine tuned

their sound. I ran around and played not knowing that this would be my future as well. But I can

also remember asking if I could sing with him one day while he was practicing.


Fast forward to high school, and my love for music grew even stronger. I can remember

singing in the hallway with my boys, little battles between other guys who could sing. But then I

was approached by my cousins who asked me to audition for their R&B group called Shadez of

Harmony. We had goals of becoming famous and shocking the world with our skills. We had the

harmony, the steps, the lyrics and management, but it just wasn’t meant to be.


In my late 20’s I began to spark a love for acting. It didn't matter if it was a skit a family

member wrote, a Christmas play at church, or a full blown gospel stage play, I had been bitten

by the acting bug, and I wanted more. So when the opportunity to audition for a movie came to

my area I jumped on it, and by the grace of God landed my first non speaking role in the movie



I'm grateful to God that His hand and favor has always been upon me. Even though I

never really liked going to church as a kid, I’m glad my mother insisted that I go, because as the

word of God was being preached, my future was being molded, with every word and every

move. From Holy Tabernacle in Bridgeport to Living Word Ministries in West Haven to my

current church Cornerstone Christian Center in Milford CT. the Lord has blessed me and

watched over me. He’s given me gifts and Blessings along the way, namely my beautiful wife

Emerald, my children Matthew Jr., Brianna, Taylor, Dallas, and Mya.


The Lord Jesus Christ has hidden me and prepared me for such a time as this. Now He’s

releasing me to do His work in a way I could have never imagined.

For His glory, and our good.

Matthew James Hall, Sr.

Matthew James Hall, Sr.


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